Thursday, December 13, 2012

Festive Lights & Seasonal Cheer

Glowing peppermint lollipops provide a festive welcome to the house

Although we don't get any snow out here, it begins to look a lot like Christmas when the occasional house seems to be sporting holiday decorations. Here in the South Bay, no other neighborhood goes after the seasonal decor quite like Torrance's "Sleepy Hollow" district. For block after block, street upon street, the houses are all aglow with Santas, nativities, snowmen, and other such images lit up for the enjoyment of the community.

Yeah, I normally don't get into the holiday mood, but last week I found myself in the area. So, a walk around the neighborhood was on the schedule. It was illuminating. ;-)

Santa and Snowman

I'm still not big on such ornamentation, but it was an impressive show of community spirit. Transforming the neighborhood into such a spectacle of lights and music is no simple task, requiring significant resources of both money and manpower. With such widespread cooperation behind this effort, the end result was truly dazzling, a powerful demonstration of how group projects can outshine even the brightest efforts of a single household.

So, if you're in southern Torrance at night, consider giving this lovely project a viewing. Ho ho ho!!!

Glowing icicles and a balcony Nativity.


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