Saturday, April 14, 2012

Village Lanterne

Blues skies over Bergamot Station in Santa Monica, as I exit CoproGallery

I went all around town today. It was busy, but I had a good time. From Santa Monica to the South Bay, there is a lot of art on display to enjoy.

I'm a bit tired right now. So, here are a few photos. ;-)

Detail of Unknown Planets (2008) by Atsushi Fukui, on view at the Richard Heller Gallery

Visiting the Torrance Art Museum's Opening Night for "Between the Knowing"

I'll have some photos from the TAM's Opening Night over at Madrona Musings sometime soon. Check it out. And bring a hefty dose of existential angst. ;-)

Relaxing after a long day, chilling out by candlelight.

And here's some music. To celebrate Ritchie Blackmore's birthday, let's listen to some music by Blackmore's Night.

"Shadow of the Moon"

"Village Lanterne"

"Ocean Gypsy"


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