Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Billy Bones' Fancy

Skull and crossbones

Another "whimsy" post for you all. ;-)

Time has been tight over the last few days; it's the norm with holiday weekends, messing up my writing schedules. But I had a good time this year, definitely a change from recent years. Maybe my advancing age is leading me to cherish family time a bit more. In any case, I'm fairly happy with things right now.

So, why the pirate theme? I came across this eye patch wearing skull upon the Men's Room of one of the local dive bars. I think it's an old promo for some Jamaican rum. It looked so cheesy and out of place that I had to photograph it and share with you all.

Arrr, mateys!!!

Let's be listenin' to some fine music fit to charm a mermaid. ;-)

"Ayo Visto lo Mappamundi" performed by the Waverly Consort

"Senhora del Mundo" performed by Hesperion XXI

"Fandango" by Santiago de Murcia

¡P├ísatelo bien!

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