Thursday, November 17, 2011

Delineation Through Pixelization

Detail of Self-Portrait II (2011) by Chuck Close

Because of his expressed distrust of those who attempt to convey through words the experience and significance of art, as though such endeavors are either "spin jobs" and charlatanism, or, at least, verging close to such chicanery, even if the critic has no vested interest in the work under review, which puts up a filter between the reader and their ability to experience the art in an unbiased and authentic manner, writing a blog post about Chuck Close's solo exhibition at Blum & Poe feels presumptuous, even disrespectful towards an artist to whom I have the greatest of respect and admiration.

So, to ablate this feeling, I'll use simple declarative sentences for the remainder of this post.

Chuck Close is a portraitist. Some of the works in this show utilize a technique of grid-based "pixelization." Within each "pixel" shape, colors are layered in a manner that may be perceived as abstract when viewed up close. When viewed from a distance, the colors may be perceived as "blended" into a neutral and contextual pattern. Therefore, the experience of these works may be highly variant depending upon the vantage point.

Kara (2010) by Chuck Close

On view are large paintings, small stamp works, and two Jacquard tapestries.

In a state of assessment, I could view his art for vast sums of time.

Detail of Set of Four Felt Hand Stamps (Nat, Mark, Linda and Susan) (2011) by Chuck Close

Here are some vids:

I will not bias your experience of these works by recommending this show, but I can say that some people who view this show are impressed with the artistry on display. ;-)

Chuck Close's works will be on exhibit at Blum & Poe until December 22, 2011.


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