Thursday, November 3, 2011

Flows On In an Endless Song

Image from the video of Enya's Caribbean Blue (1991)

Twenty years ago, Enya's Shepherd Moons album was released. I wasn't familiar with Celtic "New Age" style music, but I immediately became a fan, enchanted by the ethereal beauty of Enya's voice.

My compact disc collection started to swell with Irish music. I'd listen for radio programs that would feature it, such as NPR's "The Thistle & Shamrock" or KCRW's "Morning Becomes Eclectic." This passion for Celtic music soon drifted into an enthusiasm for World Music in general. My musical horizons broadened at a rapid pace.

But at the root of my growing appreciation for exotic sounds was a love for the female voice, a romantic infatuation with sweet lyricism and dreamy melodies. When I imagine the voice of my Muse, she sings like Enya.

Shepherd Moons by Enya was released on November 4, 1991

Let's listen to some music.

Here are the three most prominent songs off the album:

Caribbean Blue

Book of Days

How Can I Keep From Singing?


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