Wednesday, November 30, 2011

South Bay Focus

Ranchiro Palas Verdes Lighthouse on Cliff (2010) by Elizabeth Hestevold

Throughout the year, the Torrance Art Museum has featured engaging exhibitions from artists across the globe. The curation has been aggressive in creating an aesthetically stimulating vision for this small, community venue.

It's been a fine series of shows, successfully engaging local art enthusiasts in considering the potentialities of curation within the civic context. I have been impressed and inspired by both the process and the results of this artistic exploration.

However, one of the critical roles of a "community" museum is to showcase the workings of "community" artists. And that's the premise of South Bay Focus 2011. Local artists have been selected to express their own artistic vision and, as an aggregate, to delineate the "South Bay" style.

South Bay Focus will be on exhibit at the Torrance Art Museum until December 16.

I haven't been able to give the show a full viewing just yet, as the official opening isn't until this Saturday, but my quick glimpse revealed plenty of interesting works. I'm hoping to attend the opening reception this weekend to get a better view of the exhibition. It'll be lots of fun ;-)

The Way of Rain (2011) by Rency Punnoose



  1. I like The Way of Rain quite a bit. The water on the walkway is almost 3D.

  2. Thanks a lot ...I am the artist who did The Way of Rain.
    Thank you LJ for posting it and thank you snow white for the comments and for liking my work.

    Rency Punnoose