Monday, September 5, 2011

Kiss and Cry

Kim Yuna performs a sit spin as part of her James Bond Medley short program (2009-2010 Season).

We can't let the day end without wishing a Happy 21st Birthday to skating great, Kim Yuna of South Korea. She's a wonder to watch skating with grace and skill upon the ice. I normally root for the US skaters, but Queen Yuna won me over with her amazing blend of superb technical skill and charismatic program performances. She doesn't always win the competition, but I feel that she's the best total skater currently on the ice.

The thing that surprised me about Kim Yuna is that I expected her to be yet another "jump-bot" kid. When she was a girl skating on the Junior level, it was obvious that she was gifted in athleticism and agility. But there was no hint that she would master the intangibles of quality program components. That's usually the trait of a mature skater, not a teen. However, as soon as she entered the Senior level of competition, she learned how to skate like a Lady.

Finally, she has reached a biological age that matches her style. ;-)

Kim Yuna performs a spiral as part of her Lark Ascending free skate (2006-2007 Season).

Let's look at some of her finest performances.

Here's her amazing short program at the Four Continents Championship (2008-2009)

Here's where she won me over, at the Cup of Russia 2007. She still looks like a little girl, but she has the performance maturity of a Lady.

And here's where she becomes an Olympic Gold Medalist.

Happy Birthday, Queen Yuna!!!

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