Monday, September 19, 2011

Picking Up Where We Left Off

Breaking the Girl by Yoskay Yamamoto

I always enjoy art shows that involve the blending of multicultural influences. LaBasse Projects in Culver City has been the "go to" place for me to enjoy such exhibits. Currently, LaBasse is exhibiting a solo show of Yoskay Yamamoto's work, entitled "Picking Up Where We left Off." Blending themes and images from both traditional Japanese art and contemporary Los Angeles pop culture, Yamamoto creates a rich "dream space" that makes the mundane take on otherworldly qualities.

The textured quality of the paintings create a strong sense of space in which the mental or spiritual states of the subject manifests as perceptible force, form or color. Be it the wind in ripping though the hair or a haze of snow, the psychological state dominates the space in which the subject figure resides. It's a very powerful presentation.

Snow by Yoskay Yamamoto

And there is a refreshing sense of humor, a lightness of mood, that pervades Yamamoto's work. I especially enjoyed the image above. The title and white hair bring to my mind the legendary Yuki-onna. It's delightfully ironic that she seems entranced by music. ;-)

Another technique that I enjoy is the depiction of vocal expression as colored word balloons with accompanying flowers and/or animals.

Picking Up Where We Left Off by Yoskay Yamamoto

Yamamoto's work has great emotional resonance. The compositions are engaging and beautifully detailed with complex patterns and textures.

Here's a vid from an exhibit of Yoskay Yamamoto's work from May 2009, also at LaBasse Projects.

Good stuff!!!

LaBasse Projects will be showing Yamamoto's "Picking Up Where We Left Off" 'til October 1, 2011.


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