Sunday, September 4, 2011

Between the Sacred Silence and Sleep

Daron Malakian in the video for "Chop Suey!"

Wow! It's already been 10 years since System of a Down released Toxicity. A whole decade!!!

I remember listening to this album when it just came out. The emotional intensity of the lyrics and performance was captivating. Being a long time enthusiast of both heavy metal and alternative rock, these songs captured the best parts of both styles. In the autumn of 2001, I must have listened to this album a hundred times while exercising.

Serj Tankian's voice can be both comforting and harsh. In either case, it's cathartic. I really adore this album.

System of a Down's Toxicity was released on September 4, 2001.

Let's listen to some music.

Here are the most famous songs off the album:


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