Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dahlia Delights

Dahlia Show at the South Coast Botanic Garden

It's been a while since I last covered a flower show for you. Hopefully this will make up for the lost time. We've got ten photos to share with you today. And plenty more to share on Friday.

I've expressed my opinions regarding dahlias in an earlier post. This show really brought out their attention hogging quality. Each flower was commanding the spotlight. It was like a floral diva convention. ;-)

Let's look at some of my favorites.

Dahlia: Santa Claus

I don't know why anyone would name such a beauty "Santa Claus" but it is red, white, and round. LOL!!!

Here are a few purple pretties, Frizzy Lizzy and Cryfield Harmony. Check out how the petal shapes create such a different personality for two very similar flowers.

Dahlia: Frizzy Lizzy

Dahlia: Cryfield Harmony

Here are a few dahlias that caught my fancy.

Dahlia: Lovely Lana

Dahlia: Trelyn Rhiannon

Dahlia: Gloriosa

Dahlia: Oreti Lady

Dahlia: Kenora Wow

And my favorite, the humbly named Jessica. She's a beauty. ;-)

Dahlia: Jessica

I was considering making a vid of the show, but I'm still learning how to work my camera's video function in a manner that will not give the viewer a headache. I eventually hope to do some v-blogging, but it'll still be some time to come.


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