Monday, September 26, 2011

Torch Songs

Julie London from the cover of Lonely Girl

Whenever I think of "torch songs" or the cool jazz/blues vocal standards of the '50s or early '60s, the performer that immediately comes to mind is Julie London. Her smooth and sultry voice defined the way "sexy" sounded in that era. Yeah, there were singers with greater vocal talents in terms of range or technique. But Julie had a special quality of sensuality and suggestion in her performance style.

Sometimes she would be warmly inviting. Sometimes she would be playful and mischievous. Sometimes she would passionately express her yearnings. Whatever the premise of the song, it was delivered with a melting seductiveness. Classy but coquettish, Julie was the Torch Singer.

Julie London was born on September 26, 1926.

And so we celebrate Julie London's music today on what would have been her 85th Birthday. We still carry a torch for her. ;-)

Let's listen to some music:


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