Saturday, October 20, 2012

Silly Saturday: Chickenmobile

The Chicken Mobile delivers!!!

Seriously, who would want their dinner delivered in a yellow Cadillac with a chicken's head and tail sticking out the top and back? Maybe the kids would like it or someone enjoying a drug-induced euphoria. As for me, one instance of having the Chickenmobile park in front of my place would certainly encourage me to forevermore pick up my takeout orders. ;-)

Check out this post from LA Weekly on another chicken car, "El Gallo." Fun stuff!!!

Yeah, this is another "Image of the Day" post, but with a twist. If I'm going to do easy photo blogging, then I might as well follow some weekly themes. And, therefore, I've initiated "Silly Saturday" with the intention to provide my dear readers with a goofy treat to start the weekend right.

Now, comedy isn't my thing. This feature may totally fall flat. But experimentation is the key to successful long term blogging and writing. It keeps things from getting stale, develops underutilized narrative talents, and creates a diverse portfolio within a blogger's body of work.

So, this is our first installation. Let's look at what happens next week. . .

And a few vids over the jump.

Some more looks at various chicken mobiles:

Tommy Kendall and "El Gallo"

Chickenmobile in Manhattan Beach

Hiyoko-chan from Nissin Chicken Ramen



  1. Chickenmobiles! Love it! I would absolutely order in a lot more if it meant a bright yellow chickenmobile would be pulling up in front of my house. (Gotta keep the neighbors wondering, right?)

    Silly Saturday is a great idea. Looking forward to next week's post.

  2. Thanks, Kim! It'll be fun going through the week, looking for a funny photo to share. ;-)