Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Uncanny Aspects and Eerie Facades

A trio of fashion mannequins at the department store

I'm not a fan of mannequins, marionettes, and human-like figures of any type. They creep me out.

As a child, visiting the local wax museums here in the Los Angeles area was never a fun activity, always leaving me with haunting images of dead faced figures that looked like real people. Yeah, it's an "Uncanny Valley" situation; they look close enough to actual humans, but their lack of animation brings to mind corpses. It make my skin crawl.

Well, since we are approaching Halloween, I figured that I'd share these photos with you all. I'll have some more photo posts coming over the next few days.

Geek mannequin

Well, not all mannequins disturb me with quite the same intensity. ;-)


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