Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Flowers: Visions of Autumn

Sabine Bronze Fleurettes

Yeah, here are some more photos from my visit to the Bellagio's conservatory. Although I have other fine flowers to share with you, I think these lovely orange beauties express my Autumn mood best.

Along with scarecrows and pumpkins, this will make up for skipping my "first post of Autumn" during my hiatus last month. No Vivaldi, no "Autumn Leaves," and no Mucha beauties. Maybe next year. . .

And, what the heck?!! It's been a while since we did two consecutive weeks with Friday Flowers. So cut me some slack. ;-)

Happy scarecrow at the Bellagio

Look!!! Even Mr Scarecrow is pleased with my new dedication to posting at least once a day. Paideia isn't back to top form, but it's off the floor and staying in the fight.

And who can resist a pretty grouping of pumpkins and gourds?

Pumpkins and gourds set among the bronze sabine fleurettes


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