Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Disturbing Visages

Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls (2004)


I'm not one for internet memes, but there's a vid of Lindsay Lohan aging, from childhood to today, 25 years, compelling in its creepiness. It actually pains me to see this darling child morph over the years, looking more my age than her own.

In any case, the video is like a modern day vanitas. Here it is:

Disturbing. . . here's to hoping for happiness and good health for Lindsay and all of us poor mortals, suffering from the ravages of time.

And here's some music:

"La Passacaglia della Vita" by Stefano Landi

"Oy Comamos y Bevamos" by Juan del Encina



  1. Wow, talk about freaky! Lindsey was a very cute kid and a beautiful young woman. This should be some kind of public service message ... don't do drugs, kids.

  2. I knew if I thought it there must already be a meme for it ... and here it is.