Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Voices of the Lake

Still Waters by Korin Faught

I had the opportunity to see Korin Faught's show "Voices of the Lake" at the Corey Helford Gallery in Culver City. Faught has a distinct image vocabulary and superb technique. Her imagery is captivating in both its beauty and mystery. It is an excellent exhibit, running until September 21st.

The use of duplicates is a common theme in Faught's work, but this show adds an additional twist with reflections in the water. It creates a complex psychological dialogue between the "real" figures and then between the "real" and the "reflected" figures. Moreover, the figures interact with the water not just as a mirror, but as a physical presence into which they are immersed.

So, let's consider the painting above, Still Waters. The title is reference to the phrase "Still waters run deep." This means that a person who shows a placid demeanor may actually have complex and forceful passions beneath the surface facade. And so it is that we have the figure of a young lady in triplicate, each of which display a different emotion towards a subject out of view to the figures right. The first seems to display a body language of yearning. The second expresses trepidation. The third leans away from the subject of her view with a sense of resigned detachment.

It's as if the figures are thinking "I desire this but I'm afraid to try for it. So I will not even attempt it. Instead, I will be content with viewing it."

The emotional impotency of these figures is further emphasized by the fact that they are stuck in the water. The reflections and empty background make them seem like lost, spectral beings. They are full of passion, but alienated from their ability to act upon it.

Soulless by Korin Faught

This sense of alienation is further emphasized in Soulless. This woman has been overwhelmed by the waters, as indicated by her drenched appearance. Moreover, she has no internal dialectic, as indicated by the lack of duplicate figures. Furthermore, the background has gone black, with only a distant light source that shines only upon her. With a questioning, confused posture, this lonely lady becomes an image of perdition.

Confusion, falsehoods, hesitation, and alienation pervade the entire show. The Voices of the Lake tell a tale of self-destruction and nihilism. For every affirmative thesis, the Voices give an alienating antithesis.

Detail of Hold Tight by Korin Faught

This conflict between the object and its inverse is shown throughout the gallery with little accompanying sculptures.

Reflection sculptures by Korin Faught

In any case, I'm really happy that I got to see this show. There is only one week left to view these fantastic works. As always, these little photos don't do justice to seeing the works in person. So, I highly recommend checking out the show yourself.

Korin Faught: "Voices of the Lake" on display at the Corey Helford Gallery (9-3-2011 to 9-21-2011)

Here's a quick vid of Korin Faught painting.


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