Monday, September 26, 2011

Killer Robots of the Arena

Verizon's ad "Arena" features a cool action sequence with KILLER ROBOT!!!!!

Normally, I hate ads that pass themselves off as some type of action movie. They usually are cheap flash and pointless mayhem that fail as a "teaser" and fail to get the product message to the consumer. Moreover, there is a sense of overcompensation that I get from such ads. It is as if the design team would rather be working in "real" movies and are using the commercial to show that they've got the talent to deliver on "Hollywood" material.

But the biggest complaint I have is just the pure stupidity of the concept. Most "action" ads have no narrative connection to the product that they are promoting. At best, the product makes a cameo somewhere along the way, like a car that is driven away at the end. And, unless you're constantly reminding the viewer like Erin Esurance's "Quote, Buy, Print," they'll just remember the commercial as a series of high adrenalin hijinks.

But Verizon's "Arena" ad that promotes the Droid Bionic does the job right. The protagonist is in a gladiatorial conflict with a series of killer robots from which she creates the product. Moreover, the robot theme goes perfectly with the product name. It's easy to remember this commercial because of the dramatic action and it's easy to remember the product that it is promoting.

Mini Radiocon is ready for its turn in the Arena

If there's a flaw in this commercial, it is that it doesn't really make a sell as to why the consumer would want the Droid Bionic. It's working purely off of the cool factor. Who wouldn't want a smartphone built from the remains of killer robots? ;-)

Nevertheless, it's a good ad, fun to watch and memorable. Does it make me want a Droid Bionic? No, but I now have it in my mind as an available product, which is the first step to making a sale. I'm not looking for a smartphone right now, but, if I am sometime soon, then this positive awareness may influence my decisions later.

Mechanical menaces? Smoking Robot Black, Planet Robot Red, and Smoking Robot Blue.

Let's check out the ads:

And here's the Creek Lullaby music from the "Armor" ad:

And here's the dancing Radiocon, no doubt prepping for its turn in the Arena. LOL!!!


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