Thursday, September 22, 2011

Wrapped in Plastic

Blimp (2007) by Anne Veraldi

While I was visiting Bergamot Station last Saturday, I was able to catch an opening at dnj Gallery of Anne Veraldi's Plastic Rose series. In essence, it's a photographic series of toys wrapped in plastic bags. The plastic works as an obscurement device, a filter, through which the details of the subject are muted, resulting in a dream-like image that provokes uncertainty in the viewer as to the actual nature of the subject. Is it a real blimp or a toy? With the detail made vague, the answer is not immediately obvious.

Moreover, the use of toys as the subject of the photos evokes a sense of childhood fantasies. With the ambiguity of the subject's nature, the childlike ability to imagine a toy as the actuality that it represents is recreated in the viewer. It's a skill that most adults have left behind as they've matured beyond the desire to play "make believe" with toy vehicles, dolls, or soldiers. Therefore, the reactivation of this cognitive ability provokes both a sense of amusement and of nostalgia from the viewer.

It's a simple concept, but it elicits a deceptively complex emotional response.

Rider (2007) by Anne Veraldi

The plastic serves as a filter, but it also functions as the space in which the subjects exist. It suggests the terrain features, environmental effects, and spatial reality of the subject's imaginary world. Additionally, the color and texture of the plastic inspire certain moods or "atmospheres" of emotion.

In total, these images inspire the viewer to return to that childish state in which toys become the subjects of fantastic narratives. These photos encourage us to give an imagined narrative explaining the state of action in which the toys are engaged.

T-Bird (2006) by Anne Veraldi

I adore this exhibit. This show is beautiful, creative, and playful. It made me feel younger after viewing it. Therefore, I highly recommend checking it out. And let your "inner child" out for some "make believe" games. ;-)

Anne Veraldi's Plastic Rose series will be on exhibit at dnj Gallery until November 12, 2011.


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