Sunday, September 11, 2011

Art and the Transience of Youth

Sarah Barrett Moulton: "Pinkie" (1794) by Thomas Lawrence

I went to the Huntington Museum and Gardens yesterday. I love strolling through the rococo galleries, admiring the gardens, or browsing the library collection. There is so much to do at the Huntington that it really needs multiple days to fully appreciate. The venue itself is huge, with the gardens covering over 120 acres.

Yet, there is a subtle sense of sadness at this museum. It feels so strongly of a bygone era, especially the British portraiture from the 18th century. Even the architecture and the gardens, although gorgeous, have this feel of transience. It is as though the entire venue of one enormous memento mori.

Rudbeckia hirta "Denver Daisy" at the Huntington Botanical Gardens

But the Huntington is filled with amazingly beautiful artwork and flowers. It's probably the "prettiest" of the five "great" Los Angeles museums.

And the outdoors sculptures are an underappreciated element that capture the Huntington's particular vibe. Whether its amidst the blooming flowers or ensconced within a loggia, there is always a statue somewhere nearby.

Diana of the Chase (1922) by Anna Hyatt Huntington

Here's a vid giving a brief view of the expansive beauty of the Huntington.


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