Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Flowers: It's Dahlia Season

Yellow Dahlia


They brought me a quilled, yellow dahlia,
Opulent, flaunting.
Round gold
Flung out of a pale green stalk.
Round, ripe gold
Of maturity,
Meticulously frilled and flaming,
A fire-ball of proclamation:
Fecundity decked in staring yellow
For all the world to see.
They brought a quilled, yellow dahlia,
To me who am barren
Shall I send it to you,
You who have taken with you
All I once possessed?

Yeah, that's a bit of a downer poem, considering how excited I am for the beginning of dahlia season. I love these big, bold blooms. They have such great exuberance and rambunctiousness. They are the loud Divas of Queen Flora's Court.

Because of their size of bloom and extravagance, I think they are best kept in the garden. They overwhelm the vase and look crowded in a bouquet. A good floral arrangement can pull it off, but, on average, they don't work for me when cut.

Red Dahlia Blooming

Here's a cool slide show vid. Dahlia, you are too beautiful!!!

I'm likely to have many a dahlia photo over the next month or so. Fun times!!!

Here's the American Dahlia Society's website.

And here's Amy Lowell's Wikipedia page.


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