Saturday, July 23, 2011

July Dance Party!!!

Rick James, Super Freak

It's time for our monthly celebration of popular dance music. Our eight song selection is pretty interesting this time around. In '81, and '91, the dance trends undergo radical changes following the featured songs of this month. Creative trends within the dance subcategories are featured in '86 and '96. Good stuff!

So, let's get to the music.

Jean Knight, Mr Big Stuff

In 1971, we're still in the R&B Soul era, with a bit of a funk vibe. Jean Knight's Mr. Big Stuff is a one-hit wonder, but it was one heck of a hit!

In 1976, Roberta Kelly's Trouble-Maker was ruling at the Discos. Take a good listen to its classic early Disco style, with strong soul and funk influences. This is going to change very soon.

In 1981, Disco is dead! Contrary to what haters and punk enthusiasts claim, Disco was never going to get killed off by music that didn't satisfy the core functionality of dance music. It would only be killed off when a new sound came to replace it. Now, Rick James is certainly influenced by it, but his return to a Funk R&B focus sends dance music off in a new directions. For Pop dance, we get notable performers like Prince and Michael Jackson. For hardcore Dance, we get Freestyle.

In 1986, we get a hint of the late '80s New Jack Swing sound from the Timex Social Club. Yeah, we have these guys to blame. ;-P

In 1991, The KLF come out with the iconic song of acid house, 3 a.m. Eternal. This becomes a major influence in the emergence of techno and trance styles. House music endures the change, but it soon takes a backseat to its electronica nephews.

In 1996, the Dance scene is a mix of styles and influence, but, over on the Hot 100, we're in the midst of the female singer-songwriter era. So, it was only a matter of time until a kickin' remix came along. Armand van Helden applies his super-mixing talent to Tori Amos' Professional Widow. Hmm. . .

In 2001, we are still languishing under the onslaught of Big Media's attempt to homogenize all music into overpriced pop pablum. It's no wonder the recording industry started collapsing. This is the best we have to offer for July '01. It's very sad.

In 2009, you can't keep a good groove down! Fun times are back with playful songs and vids like this one from Bob Sinclair. Woo hoo!!!

Well, that's all for this month. I hope you've enjoyed our sampling. Have a great Saturday night! And steer clear of those "super freaks". ;-)


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