Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Introducing the Paideia Hall of Shame

Shaquille O'Neal in Kazaam

After writing last night's diatribe concerning the Captain America-Dunkin' Donuts promotion, I started thinking that I ought to create a special list of notable Crimes Against Good Taste. This list would not deal with forgettable crassness or momentary stupidity. It would be limited to those works of popular culture that transcended the quotidian level of banality. These Exemplars of the Awful would have had to stand the test of time as a lasting disgrace.

So, what atrocity would be the first into the Paideia Hall of Shame? I did my normal search in five year increments back from 2001 and soon found out that the abominable cinematic flop, Kazaam, was released fifteen years ago. So mighty is the wretchedness of this movie, that the mere thought of it made me recoil in disgust.

Although I'm a Laker fan, I never really warmed to Shaquille O'Neal even when he was bringing in the Titles for the city. And I believe that it is this monstrosity of a movie that influenced my unfriendly disposition to him.

And I'm far from unique in despising this film. It holds a miserable 4% at Rotten Tomatoes. Therefore, for Crimes Against Good Taste, I consign Shaquille O'Neal and Kazaam to the Paideia Hall of Shame!

For those of you who braved the jump, a special horror has been set before you. A sampling of madness-inducing vids from this foul film is but a few clicks away. I feel somewhat unethical providing the clips, but it is only fair that I offer evidence for my judgement. But be warned, the depth of stupidity to be found here is not to be taken lightly!!!

I rest my case.

Here is Kazaam's Wikipedia page.


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