Monday, July 18, 2011

Fat Americans

Taste the Patriotism!!!

Alright. This is going to be another rant post. Be warned. . .

In my youth, I was an avid reader of superhero comic books. Captain America wasn't my favorite character, but I had a fondness for his style and personality. He was totally square, but honest, hardworking, and responsible. He was a paragon of good ol' American virtue, with very little of the jingoism or provincialism that one might expect in an overt nationalist icon.

Since the days of WWII, the USA has experienced amazing prosperity. This material abundance has led to Americans becoming both figuratively and literally fat. The US is the most obese nation in the history of the world!!! Therefore, I find the Dunkin' Donut ad campaign totally annoying! Our national superhero is shilling the lowest of junk food. Even a McDonald's or Wendy's hamburger has a better nutritional value. Seriously!!!!!

Fat Captain America (2010) by eimrehs

Given our obesity epidemic, I can't see that it would be in character for Captain America to do a promo for Dunkin' Donuts. Yeah, I know he's not a real person, just a fictional figure from the comic books. However, this character embodies certain principles of national virtue. Those of us who care about the integrity of character have a right to complain.

Sadly, this isn't the first time Captain America has been used for nefarious advertising purposes. Check out this Twinkie ad from 1976.

Sigh. At least, we were a little more naive about the weight gains of the nation back then.

When I first saw the ads for Dunkin' Donuts, it annoyed me. I found it insulting, but ignorable. Now that the full marketing machine is on overdrive for the movie's release this weekend, I can't stand these commercials. Fortunately, I have a blog upon which I may vent my fury. ;-)

Here's the ad that has so earned my ire. I HATE it!!!!!

Fortunately, we've reached the saturation point for this ad campaign. Soon, they'll move on to the next silly movie tie-in. Here's looking at you "Cowboys & Aliens" 7-Eleven tie-in. :-P

At least we can give thanks that they didn't have Captain America peddling for Der Wienerschnitzel. . .

Here's an article from io9 entitled "Captain America’s Dunkin Donuts Super Soldier Slushy will turn you into the Red Skull".


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