Friday, July 15, 2011

Leaving for Lomita Station, All Aboard!!!

As promised, I'm looking at some of the interesting obscure locations to visit within the Los Angeles area. I'm starting this project with a visit to the Lomita Railroad Museum. It's a small venue hidden within the residential neighborhoods of the community. There are literally private residences next door.

Nevertheless, it's a nice collection. There is a fair amount of locomotive related objects, such as semaphore signals, uniform buttons, and tie date nails. The walls are covered with historic photographs, old railway maps, and vintage advertisements. But the big thrill comes from the trains.

They've got a class M-6 Mogul 2-6-0 engine built for Southern Pacific in 1902. There's quite an interesting view from the cab.

But there are four other cars to check out as well. . .

There is a class CA-1 caboose built for Union Pacific in 1910 that is open for viewing. It has plenty of historic photos and documentation along its walls.

Additionally, the museum has a 1923 Union Oil tank car, a 1913 Southern Pacific wooden box car, and an all-metal Santa Fe caboose. At the time of my visit, these were not open for interior investigation or climbing upon.

I enjoyed my trip to this museum. It's a good visit for train enthusiasts or history buffs. For the general public, it's still mighty cool, but the collection might be too specialized for the non-enthusiast.

Anyways, here's a vid about the museum:

And here's a link to the Lomita Railroad Museum's website.


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