Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday's Flowers Are Fuchsia Again

Angels' Earrings Dainty

Mars Being Red
(By Marvin Bell)

Being red is the color of a white sun where it lingers
on an arm. Color of time lost in sparks, of space lost
inside dance. Red of walks by the railroad in the flush
of youth, while our steps released the squeaks
of shoots reaching for the light. Scarlet of sin, crimson
of fresh blood, ruby and garnet of the jewel bed,
early sunshine, vestiges of the late sun as it turns
green and disappears. Be calm. Do not give in
to the rabid red throat of age. In a red world, imprint
the valentine and blush of romance for the dark.
It has come. You will not be this quick-to-redden
forever. You will be green again, again and again.

Just because I'm away on vacation doesn't mean that I can't give you all a Friday Flower post. ;-)

I've only recently picked up on the poetry of Marvin Bell, but I really like it. Here's a vid of the poem "An Elm We Lost":

Good stuff!!!

Here's a link to Marvin Bell's Wikipedia page.

Enjoy! And have a wonderful weekend, amigos!!!

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