Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Takin' a Vacation

I love the hour before takeoff,
that stretch of no time, no home
but the gray vinyl seats linked like
unfolding paper dolls. Soon we shall
be summoned to the gate, soon enough
there’ll be the clumsy procedure of row numbers
and perforated stubs—but for now
I can look at these ragtag nuclear families
with their cooing and bickering
or the heeled bachelorette trying
to ignore a baby’s wail and the baby’s
exhausted mother waiting to be called up early
while the athlete, one monstrous hand
asleep on his duffel bag, listens,
perched like a seal trained for the plunge.
Even the lone executive
who has wandered this far into summer
with his lasered itinerary, briefcase
knocking his knees—even he
has worked for the pleasure of bearing
no more than a scrap of himself
into this hall. He’ll dine out, she’ll sleep late,
they’ll let the sun burn them happy all morning
—a little hope, a little whimsy
before the loudspeaker blurts
and we leap up to become
Flight 828, now boarding at Gate 17.

Well, I'm not taking a plane trip, but I will be going on vacation. So, expect posting to be very light until after July 4th. I might be able to pop in now and then for a brief post, but I can't promise it. Anyways, I've got over 160 posts on this blog. Certainly there must be something you'll find of interest in the archives. ;-)

Let me leave you all with some fun '80s summer and/or vacation tunes:


Here's Rita Dove's Wikipedia page and her official website.


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