Saturday, June 25, 2011

Eight Dance Songs for June

It's time for our monthly celebration of Dance music over the decades!

We start our survey in 1971 and go in five year increments all the way until 2006. I limit our selection in such a manner because that's a time frame in which I feel moderately comfortable discussing. Yeah, we can hop with the "bobby soxers" of an earlier era, but my selection would be limited to a shallow sampling of pop standards. Likewise, I can discuss the modern dance/club scene, but I don't want to get all "get off of my lawn" about it.

So, here are our dance hits for June:

In 1971, we check up on the dance floor at the Soul Train:

In 1976, we listen to one of the more obscure Disco anthems:

In 1981, Disco is dying, getting big and electronic on the way out:

In 1986, Freestyle/Pop rules the Dance airwaves:

In 1991, we've got House:

In 1996, Trip Hop comes on the scene. (BTW, Tracey Thorn has a haunting voice.):

In 2001, Big Music Media continues in their attempt to homogenize ALL music into soulless pop pablum. Even established Dance Divas like Ultra Nate are catering to the corporate overlords. The Club gets Popped!!!

In 2006, the Pop gets Clubbed!!!

Well, that's our brief survey of dance music.


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