Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Has Arrived

Summer (1909) by Frank W. Benson

Woo hoo!!! My favorite season is upon us! Summer, a time of warmth and long days. . .

Of course, here, in the Los Angeles South Bay area, the sky is dark and grey. The standard "June Gloom" casts a shadow upon the land. It's chilly at the beach and the clouds obscure the sun setting into the Pacific.

But soon the marine layer will lift. The sky will be bright and blue. The birdsongs will fill the morning air. The bright flowers will in full bloom. You all know how much I enjoy visiting the various local botanical gardens and nature preserves to look at the birds and flora. Well, this is the best time of year for such activities!

And there's the beach! Woo hoo!!!

Summer (1896) by Alphonse Mucha

It is often said that there are no seasons in Los Angeles. That is false.

Certainly, the seasons don't come with dramatic effects. But, if you're perceptive, then you'll notice how the colors of the city changes. You feel the change in the air, both in temperature and humidity. And, most importantly, you notice a change of pace and behavior among the residents. As a Beach City person, it is a significant change.

Summer Flowers (1903) by John William Godward

Well, here's a cool vid set to the music of Vivaldi's Summer from the Four Seasons:

And here's some Madeleine Peyroux:

May your Summer be filled with joy and prosperity!

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