Monday, June 6, 2011


On this date in 1984, Tetris was released!!!

In my youth, countless hours were spent watching these four-block shapes descending down the screen. Sometimes, I would dream that I was playing the game and wake up in frustration with the "Game Over" sign. Tetris was always on my mind, a sick obsession. This symptom is common among Tetris players and has been named the Tetris effect.

Years later, it's hard to see why this game was so engrossing. It's a good game, but why the passion? I think there are three elements that capture player enthusiasm. First, it is an easy access game with simple rules and quick play. Second, players can improve their level of success by dedicated play, which serves as a reward system.

And finally, there is the music.

Here's a vid of the original Tetris theme, Korobeiniki:

Here is the Red Army Choir's version:

And here's a techno-dance remix. LOL!!!

Crazy, fun memories. ;-)

Here is the Tetris Wikipedia page and the official website.

And here is the Wikipedia page for the Russian folksong, Korobeiniki.


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