Saturday, June 11, 2011

Save Us, Erin Esurance!!!

A few years back, the auto insurance company, Esurance, had a promotional campaign centered around the animated exploits of a pink haired spy girl, Erin Esurance. Honestly, it was kind of stupid. Why was this "sexy" special agent running from nefarious criminals and killer robots while extolling the virtues of an on-line car insurance company? It made no sense, but at least it had fun mindless action and an animated cutie.

Eventually, the whole spy chase style got played out. Erin started playing in killer robot hockey games and daydreaming about baseball. Worse, she started escorting "average people" into Esurance cartoon land. What started out as incoherent action eye candy turned into just incoherent.

Clearly, something needed to change. Sadly, as bad as the later Erin Esurance ads were, the change was worse.

The ad company, Duncan/Channon, took the ads into a new direction. They dumped Erin and designed a series of ads around the "Techies & Feelies" a group of obnoxious social maladjusts that engage in dimwitted buffoonery. It's absolutely an abominable ad campaign. I can't stand to see them!!!

Now, I have no complaint about them ditching Erin Esurance. The campaign was played out and never made sense to begin with. Worse, Erin became somewhat of a cult icon for people with animated spy girl fetishes. If you do an unfiltered image Google search for Erin, many of the images that you'll find will be "not safe for work."

Whoa!!! Erin's had some "work" done!

However, I'd rather have Erin running in her underwear from a giant tentacle monster yelling "Quote! Buy! Print!!!" then watch another 30 seconds of the "Techie Feelies"!!!!!

Here's my favorite Erin Esurance adventure. Sadly, the sound is out of synch but, really, it can be as easily enjoyed with the sound off. ;-)

Here's one of the lame ads from the sputtering end of the Erin Esurance campaign:

Here's the least obnoxious ad of the Techie Feelie campaign:

Arrrggghhhh!!!!! Soooo Stoopidd!!!!!!!!!! HATE HATE HATE!!!!!

Here's a pretty good ad compilation that a fan put together from various Erin Esurance ads:

So, that's my advertising rant for the week. ;-)

Here's the Esurance Wikipedia page.

Here's Duncan/Channon's website.

Here's a BNET article about Erin's racy fanbase, "Esurance Axes Erin After the Secret Agent Took on an X-Rated Life of Her Own."

And here's an article from Something Awful spoofing the silliness of the Erin Esurance ads, "The Firing of Erin Esurance."

Enjoy!!! LOL!!!

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