Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Like a Kick to the Back of My Head

Concussion: Cerebral Bruising

Alright. Hopefully this post will be coherent. I got into a really bad car accident yesterday and have a serious concussion as a result. Honestly, I'm content with that being the worst of my injuries. Freeway collisions have high probability for crippling and fatal injuries, especially when a small car is hit by an SUV at high speeds. My car was destroyed, but I made it out relatively unharmed.

But this concussion is somethin' fierce!!! My ability to concentrate is almost non-existent. I've got a headache like a bell-ringing constantly in my head. And although I love my family, if they ask me my name, date, location, etc. another time, I think I'm going to explode. But I'm trying to stay positive on the whole matter.

It easily could have been worse. I got hit totally by surprise, so my body was fairly relaxed, allowing the impact's force to rush through my body in a non-disruptive manner, with the exception of bouncing my brain around the interior of the skull. Moreover, although I got knocked into the next lane, I got lucky in that a secondary collision didn't occur. Yeah, all things considered this grievous concussion ain't so bad.

Concussion: Brain Trauma

But I'm can't say that I'm a fortunate man. I'm just not as unlucky as I might have been. Whenever you receive an impact so hard that you lose consciousness, it is de facto an unlucky situation!

Well, here's to hoping that my recovery is swift and complete. Sadly, I'll be making this toast over the next week with non-alcoholic beverages, since they are forbidden until the trauma heals. Boo hoo hoo!!!

Here's a vid. ;-)

I'd write a bit more about the collision and my hospital experience, but I'm pretty exhausted from this brief post. Yeah, that sucks mightily. I don't think the Weekly Wrap is getting done tonight. Boohoo Hoo Hoo!!!!!

Here's the Concussion Wikipedia page.

And here is the Noisia Wikipedia page.



  1. I hope that you feel better soon, Lawrence! You're lucky it wasn't any worse than that. That's scary! Also, I wanted to say thank you for following my blog.

  2. Thanks, Kalli. I appreciate the kind thoughts. And I enjoy reading your blog. I admire your writing.