Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cheese and Profanity

Schubert Dip by EMF

Twenty years ago today, "Unbelievable" by EMF topped the Billboard Hot 100. I wasn't a fan at the time. It had a good beat and fresh vibe, but I didn't feel that it was worthy of the extensive airplay that it received. Seriously, you could hardly put on the car radio without hearing it a couple times before making your destination, even if you were just traveling a couple of miles!!!

I later became a fan when I found out that the chorus is a sampling from the "comedian" Andrew Dice Clay saying "What the f--k was that?" Now, I'm not one to exult in vulgarity, but I absolutely loved the fact that the dreaded "f-bomb" has slipped past the repressive US censors and got played on public airwaves a bajillion-mczillion times.

But to make things even better, in 2005, Kraft decided to use this song to promote their nasty pseudo-cheese substance, Cheese Crumbles. "It's Crumbelievable!!!" I think it was totally appropriate because, once you taste these gruesome orange-yellow globs, you'll want to say "What the f--k was that?!!"

They're Crumbelievable!

Wretched stuff for certain!

So let's listen to the music:

Now, let's "enjoy" the ad:

It's unbelievable. ;-)

Here's EMF's Wikipedia page.


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