Saturday, January 28, 2012

Why is a Giant Lipstick on Tank Tracks?

Giant Pool Balls (1967) by Claes Oldenburg

Oh, I used to despise Claes Oldenburg, as I would see his Lipstick (Ascending) on Caterpillar Tracks on a near daily basis.

It wasn't that I thought that all art should be serious, although that was my general bias. Rather, it's that art ought not to be overtly silly. Soft sculptures of hard objects, giant versions of small items, and tank-like lipsticks, these are all goofy ideas, too absurd to regarded with respect.

But age has brought me a more laidback attitude, an appreciation for the playful and cheeky. I now look upon Oldenburg's work with fondness, both for its distinct aesthetic and for how it marks my maturity as an art enthusiast. ;-)

Giant Soft Ketchup Bottle with Ketchup (1967) by Claes Oldenburg

During the Pacific Standard Time activities, I've been able to see quite a few of Oldenburg's works. So, in celebration of his birthday, born in 1929, here are a few photos of works that I've recently seen.

Happy 83rd Birthday, Claes!!!

Profile Airflow (1968) by Claes Oldenburg

And here are some vids:


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