Friday, January 27, 2012

Cosi Fan Tutte

Posthumous Portrait of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1819) by Barbara Krafft

In my youth, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was second-to-none my favorite composer. From his great choral works, such as the Requiem, to his operas, especially Don Giovanni, and across his instrumental repertoire, I could not get enough of his music. It was an inspiration.

Over the years, my adoration for Mozart's music has remained steady, although I've gone through fads where another composer would become my favorite. And, to this day, I am still enthralled by certain pieces, though familiar, seemingly ever fresh, graceful, and gallant.

Through music, Mozart takes us on a grand tour of human emotion, from playful irreverence to prideful damnation, from courtly elegance to profound religiosity.

Unfinished Portrait of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1789) by Josef Lange

So, on the occasion of his birth date, born in 1756, let's listen to some music.

"Eine Kleine Nachtmusik" K. 525: Allegro

Diana Damrau as Queen of the Night, Die Zauberflote, K. 620

"Lacrimosa" from the Requiem K. 626

"Turkish March" from Piano Sonata #11, K. 331

Symphony #25 in G Minor, K. 183: Allegro con Brio


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