Wednesday, January 25, 2012

All I Could Do Was Cry

Etta James was born on January 25, 1938.

It's always sad to celebrate the birth date of somebody who has recently passed away.

Since her passing last week, there has been much written about Etta James, her unforgettable voice, and her distinct place within the development of modern American music, specifically blues, R&B, and jazz. I don't think that I can add anything significant to the praise that has been heaped upon her memory, but I can express my admiration and appreciation for her music.

I can think of no singer who could combine such soulful passion with a rich sense of warmth and comforting smoothness. Smoky or sweet, gentle or lush, dark or delightful, Etta James could wind the passions into her music with unrivalled skill, her voice resounding into the depths of our souls.

Etta James from the cover of At Last! (1960)

So, let us consider her legacy and give thanks for the beautiful music that she had given us over the decades.

Here are some vids:

"At Last"

"I'd Rather Go Blind"

"Something's Got a Hold on Me"


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