Monday, January 30, 2012

Hasta La Vista, Baby

Detail from Jody Watley's 1987 self-titled album

When it comes to the R&B dance divas of the '80s or '90s, one of my favorites is Jody Watley. In terms of technique and variation, I'd say that she was the best.

Sadly, she never gained the popularity of her peers, such as Janet Jackson and Whitney Houston. That's a pity, seeing as how she was more experimental in incorporating diverse dance music traditions, from freestyle to New Jack to downbeat. I guess that mix of style might have been the problem, making her music a tougher commodity to market.

Regardless of the lack of long-lasting chart-topping fame, I still regard her as one of the defining voices of R&B dance.

Jody Watley in 1990

Anyways, let's wish Jody a Happy 53rd Birthday!!!

Here are some vids:

"Looking For a New Love" (1987)

"Real Love" (1989)

"I'm the One You Need" (1991)

"Your Love Keeps Working on Me" (1993)

"Saturday Night Experience" (1999)


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