Saturday, January 14, 2012

In a Lonely Place

Detail of Nowhere (2011) by Esao Andrews

The forlorn realm of solitude, among decrepit wrecks and empty desolation, is where the lonely people dwell, sometimes in the form of anthropomorphic animals and sometimes as ghostly visages emerging from darkness; this sad and quiet place is called Nowhere, a region that transcends physical space, a state more of the spirit than of the body.

Esao Andrews' exhibit "Nowhere" at Thinkspace Gallery gives us a powerful view of this lonely place. With evocative colors and haunting composition, this exhibition insinuates a dark Romantic aesthetic into the viewer's mind. The icy regrets, the shadowy abandonment, these poignant sorrows linger like specters within the paint.

And yet, there is undeniable beauty, a sublime quality that empowers these works. "Nowhere" inspires a dreadful fascination.

Detail of Polished & Powdered (2011) by Esao Andrews

I especially admire the play of color that contrasts the muted shades of Nowhere, like a promise, a beckoning hope, of better and brighter times to come.

This is a gorgeous exhibition. Thinkspace is showing these works until January 28.

Detail of The Stray (2011) by Esao Andrews

Here are a few vids:

"Nowhere" Timelapse

"Spring Hare"



  1. Quite fascinating works! The first reminds me of a graphic novel I read recently, "The Arctic Marauder".

  2. I ought to check that out. Jacques Tardi is an awesome comics artist. I'm familiar with some of his "Adele Blanc-Sec" works, but I haven't read the "Arctic Marauder" yet.