Sunday, January 22, 2012

To Live and Paint in LA: Opening Night

Opening Night at the Torrance Art Museum's exhibit "To Live and Paint in LA"

Just a brief post.

Yesterday night was the opening for "To Live and Paint in LA" at the Torrance Art Museum, featuring the work of about thirty Los Angeles-based artists. The premise is to explore a broad sampling of emerging and contemporary painters, through which one may discern various styles and aesthetic trends that characterize the creative vibe of today's Angeleno art scene.

I was only able to pay a quick visit and snap a few shots, but there was a good range of styles, with many distinct artistic voices. It's my hope to pay the TAM a return visit in a few days and take a good, long appraisal of the exhibit.

Many are the pieces that caught my eye; I'd like to share them with you. ;-)

Detail of Les Femmes D'Alger #14 (2011) by Asad Faulwell


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