Thursday, January 19, 2012

2012 Weekly Wrap #2

Olivia Newton-John in the video for Physical (1981)

This week's wrap has eleven posts, a modest but consistent output. ;-)

We went heavy on the Art coverage with five entries, but, considering that three of them featured art gallery reviews, I'm good with that. One of my main goals for Paideia is to offer information about the Los Angeles contemporary art scene. While big museum shows and world famous artists may get reports in traditional news sources, the smaller and less popular exhibits fall between the cracks of the major journals. So, three posts per week is my small contribution to the generation of a "citizen journalism" arts coverage.

I'm still having a hard time juggling my free time between exercise and blogging. I'd like to get back to around two posts per day, but my schedule is tight. Honestly, I'm happy to have been hitting a reliable one per day rate of production. It is my hope that I can improve my rate over the next few weeks. I'm aiming for 40+ posts for the month of January.

Let's look at our stories.

Figure for Landscape (1960) by Barbara Hepworth

Five posts were dedicated to Art, including three gallery show reviews. We checked out Esao Andrews' haunting exhibit "Nowhere" at Thinkspace. Danielle Nelson Mourning's self-reflecting photographs in her show "Ordinary Time" at Taylor De Cordoba were considered. Then, we admired the places portrayed in Kenny Harris' "China" at Koplin Del Rio. Additionally, we celebrated Barbara Hepworth's birth date with some photos of her sculptures at the Norton Simon Museum. Finally, we considered a couple neo-classical sculptures on view at the Huntington Museum.

Musical topics received three posts. Getting stuck in traffic led my mind to think about some classic LA music and the Muppets. Our Monthly Dance Party returned, reaching all the way back to 1967 this time around. And we listened to the smooth tunes of Sade in celebration of her birthday.

Our Friday Flowers were Iceland Poppies, accompanied by the poetry of Robinson Jeffers. Then we visited a camellia show at the Descanso Gardens. Pretty!!!

Finally, we marked Internet Blackout Day in opposition to SOPA with the Day the LOLcats Died. ;-)

It was a good week.

Kermit the Vampire Frog attacks Vincent Price during an episode of the Muppet Show.

Thanks for reading!!!

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