Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Beauties in Bronze and Stone

Benediction (1922) by Daniel Chester French

My previous post about Barbara Hepworth got me thinking about beautiful sculpture and the ability to capture a mood and personality within the material, expressed through texture and form. And since I recently visited the Huntington Museum, I went looking for a few images that caught my eye.

You might remember that I have a love/disdain relationship with neoclassical, emulationist sculpture. However, I totally confess to finding the works of Daniel Chester French and Chauncey Bradley Ives very beautiful. Yeah, the mental stimulation of Hepworth's abstract work keeps me excited and engaged, but sometimes superficial "pretties" will do the job just fine. ;-)

And who can resist this lovely Pandora?

Pandora (1858) by Chauncey Bradley Ives
So very lovely. . .

And here's some lovely music to go with it:

Pandora (For Cindy) by the Cocteau Twins

A Benediction by Winterpills


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