Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Flowers: Champagne Bubbles

Iceland Poppy: Scarlet Champagne Bubbles

Still the Mind Smiles
(By Robinson Jeffers)

Still the mind smiles at its own rebellions,
Knowing all the while that civilization and the other evils
That make humanity ridiculous, remain
Beautiful in the whole fabric, excesses that balance each other
Like the paired wings of a flying bird.
Misery and riches, civilization and squalid savagery,
Mass war and the odor of unmanly peace:
Tragic flourishes above and below the normal of life.
In order to value this fretful time
It is necessary to remember our norm, the unaltered passions,
The same-colored wings of imagination,
That the crowd clips, in lonely places new-grown; the unchanged
Lives of herdsmen and mountain farms,
Where men are few, and few tools, a few weapons, and their
dawns are beautiful.
From here for normal one sees both ways,
And listens to the splendor of God, the exact poet, the sonorous
Antistrophe of desolation to the strophe multitude.

Robinson Jeffers was an aesthetic leader of the early environmental movement. His poetry is both harsh, with scathing critiques of human destructiveness, and gentle, to the grandeur of nature. In one of my favorite of his poems, The Vulture, Jeffers even imagines the sublimity of being devoured by the namesake bird and becoming a part of its avian splendor. For certain, he was a true believer in ecological interdependence. ;-)

Iceland Poppies: Yellow Champagne Bubbles

And what of the Champagne Bubbles? Well, I figured that we would start the weekend off with a rich diversity of colors.

Anyways, it getting late into the night and, maybe, the poppies will help me sleep. ;-)

Iceland Poppies: Champagne Bubbles

And here are a few vids:

"To the Stone-Cutters"

"The Vulture"

"Look, How Beautiful"


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