Friday, January 6, 2012

Quick, Robin! To the Batmobile!

The Bat-Signal

Here's a whimsical post to start the weekend. ;-)

I recently visited the Petersen Automotive Museum to check out their Hot Wheels collection. My interest in toy cars has recently been revived by Chris Burden's Metropolis II exhibit at LACMA. I strolled over to the neighboring exhibit on Hollywood vehicles and decided to snap some photos of the Batmobile from the 1989 Batman movie.

I used to be a serious comic book geek, so visiting the Batmobile is always a thrill.

Costume from Batman (1989), designed by Bob Ringwood

Side view of the Batmobile from Batman (1989)

You can't really get a feel for the overwhelming size of the Batmobile in the movies or photos. It's over twenty feet long and the reflective black paint makes it seem even bigger. The Hollywood gallery is filled with attention-grabbing vehicles, but the Batmobile just dominates the view.

There are three Batmobiles that were driven around for promotional events in support of the movie. It must have been awesome taking this car for a cruise.

The Batcycle from Batman: The Movie (1966)

Close-up of the Batmobile cockpit

Information placard for the 1989 Batmobile

And here are some vids:


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