Monday, January 2, 2012

Time Can't Touch Us

Christy Turlington (1993); photo by Jonathan Exley

I miss the days when "super models" dominated fashion magazine covers, when the queens of the catwalk defined that which was chic, from haute couture to commercial merchandising. It was a time when popular culture looked to the "glamour girls" as the ideal beauties, the leading look of emerging style.

I don't know who is my favorite super model, but Christy Turlington is certainly near the top of my list. It isn't because I find her to be the most gorgeous or sexy, but because there is an accessibility, a sense of invitation, to her posturing, a vulnerability intrinsic to her poise. With a broad chin and pinched nose, Christy is far from being a "perfect" beauty; her irresistible allure comes the intangible persona that her material features so strongly convey.

Today marks Christy Turlington's 43rd Birthday, born in 1969. Yet, I find her every bit as lovely as I did back in the late '80s.

Christy Turlington on the cover of Paris Vogue (August 1987); photo by Bill King

So, let's wish Christy a Happy Birthday!

Although Christy Turlington is best viewed in photographic ads or displays, I personally get a kick out of looking at her commercial performances. She's a terrible actress, striking goofy poses and making silly facial expressions, all of which just add to her charm. ;-)

Here are a few vids:

Shalimar commercial from the late '80s (France)

Maybelline budge-proof make-up

Maybelline Define-A-Lash mascara

Avon fragrance: Slip Into

Calvin Klein: Eternity for Men (early '90s)

And here's Christy in Duran Duran's video for "Notorious" (1986)


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