Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Weekly Wrap: Wednesday Night #16

Mountain (1937) by Aristide Maillol in the Norton Simon Museum's Sculpture Garden

We only had nine posts this week, but, considering that this was a heavy socializing holiday week, I'm satisfied with that number. It easily could have been lower.

But the big story of the week is that I've obtained my goal of 365 posts!!! That means that I'll average better than one post per day this year. When I started Paideia, my rule was that if I couldn't provide a reliable and quality read, then I really shouldn't add to the chatter that pervades the internet. I'm still working on quality, but reliable quantity has been achieved. Woo hoo!!!

With this monkey off my back, I think that I'll lower my weekly posting target to a more relaxed eleven per week, without counting these Weekly Wraps. I'd like to get started on building a community of readers, maybe develop a niche blog, and perhaps do some guest blogging at other sites. I've certainly created a decent set of writing over the past few months.

I was skeptical of becoming a blogger, having blown off the idea for years. Friends would suggest I try it out, but I'd shrug away the concept. Who, asides from my friends, wants to read my crazy ramblings on random topics? Well, it turns out that a fair number of perfect strangers do. And for that, I'm very grateful.

That's enough personal mumbo-jumbo. Let's get this post back on track. ;-)

Choo choo!!! Model trains are fun!!!

We had four art posts this week. First, we admired Danny Heller's "LAX Series" on exhibit at the George Billis Gallery. Then we visited the Sculpture Garden at the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena. Our weekly update of the Pacific Standard Time events was a bit light due to Halloween festivities. Finally, for Terror Tuesday, we reviewed Ray Caesar's "A Dangerous Inclination" at the Corey Helford Gallery.

Our sole musical post was a look back at three decades of Duran Duran in celebration of lead singer, Simon Le Bon's, birthday.

Inspired by the post on the "LAX Series," we took a look at a few architectural gems by William Pereira, from Orange County to Pasadena. Good stuff!!!

For our Friday Flowers, we admired another fine selection of fuchsias.

We visited a Model Train show. And we celebrated the 37th "birthday" of Hello Kitty. ;-)

And that's it, a fun but short week of blogging delights. Here's our weekly dose of weird:

Hello Kitty saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life. (Image from Hello Kitty Hell)


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