Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Flowers: Fuchsias For Proserpina

Fuchsia: Mendonoma Belle

A Glimpse of Proserpina
(By John Hollander)

Clear, early mornings as I stride
Westward, the usual brick street
Grows meadow grass from its concrete:
The neighborhood turns countryside.

Huge structures hovering across
The river like excluding shades
Collapse into the Palisades;
The river burns away its dross.

If I went up a nearby hill
You would be there in sight, bent down
To gather flowers at the crown
Of my hill's twin against the sky;

We'd meet where, as in fields of wars
Forgotten, stones and daisies swarm,
Then turn back, arm in flowers in arm,
And bring them quietly indoors.

Almost missed our weekly Friday Flowers post, which would have been a shame because today marks the birth date of John Hollander, born in 1929.

Fuchsia: Bonnie Doan

As is the usual case with holiday weekends, I'm expecting posting to be erratic until Tuesday. Have a great weekend!!!

And for those of you who took the jump, here are some more gorgeous fuchsias. ;-)

Fuchsia: Lena

And here's a nice bit of Italian gothic music on the topic of Proserpina:

Gothica, "Proserpina" (2000)



  1. Fuchsias are some of my favorite flowers - especially the variety in your first picture. My mom used to plant them in hanging baskets on our front porch when I was growing up. I just loved them. Thanks for sharing these.

  2. Yeah, the sharp contrast between the red and purple of the Mendonoma Belle is gorgeous. I'm glad that you enjoyed them . :-)