Saturday, October 8, 2011

From the Pipes of Hydraulus

Louis Vierne at the Wanamaker Auditorium Organ (1927)

The French organist and composer, Louis Vierne, was born on this date in 1870.

That gives us a prime opportunity to listen and appreciate the "King of Instruments" this afternoon. So, head over to your favorite source for experiencing music and give a listen to the rich sounds of the organ. If it's sacred music that you enjoy, there's plenty of great pieces. Looking for a more secular vibe? Then try out a bit of theatre organ works or diversions upon the calliope. Or check out the Hammond in some jazz or soul music.

No matter the type of music to which you listen, adding an organ into the mix will make it something grand! ;-)

Organ of Notre-Dame de Paris, 2007 (Photo by Eric Chan)

Let's check out some vids.

First, let's give some respect to Vierne. It's his birth date after all.

Now, let listen to some oddball works for water organ, theatre organ, and calliope.

Wurlitzer Organ at the Fox Theatre in Detroit

And let's end with some Hammond.


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