Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Weekly Wrap: Wednesday #14

Desnudo Reclinado (1970) by Francisco Zuniga

Twelve posts make for an acceptable degree of weekly productivity, but I can improve upon this number with just a little more effort and dedication.

Topic selection was a bit flat. We had four art posts, three floral, two music, and three miscellaneous posts. No ads or commercials. No ghost stories. No movies or television. I can do much better. This was a subpar performance overall, but I very happy with a few of these posts. Practice is perfecting my blogging prose style.

In a few days, I'll reach my "one hundred consecutive days of blogging" milestone. That's dedication. So, I'm satisfied with the current quality and quantity trends that I've built up over the past three months. It's been a fun journey. ;-)

Close view of the William Turner Gallery through Fred Eversley's resin lens

Here are the posts.

Regarding art, we visited the William Turner Gallery to view an exhibit of works by Fred Eversley. Then we did a meta post concerning the Pacific Standard Time event that is taking place around Southern California. We took a stroll through UCLA's Franklin D. Murphy sculpture garden. Finally, we reviewed the Huntington's exhibit of works by Sam Maloof and the Pomona Valley school in "The House That Sam Built."

Flowers and gardens were prominently featured this week. We visited Torrance's Pine Wind Garden. Then Friday Flowers celebrated irises and the poetry of e.e. cummings. Finally, a chance encounter with orchids at the Huntington produced many delightful photos.

We celebrated two music-related birth dates. Ray Charles and Anita O'Day were our honored music-makers this week.

The miscellaneous topics were a celebration of Paddington Bear, the birthday of Nancy Kerrigan, and a personal post about my dislike of holidays.

Fun stuff!!! Now, it's time for our weekly weird image.

Paddington Gets Tanked.


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