Saturday, October 15, 2011

Kinetic Visions through a Rainbow Lens

Fred Eversley's works are on exhibit at the William Turner Gallery until October 29, 2011

"Cool School" or "Finish Fetish" or "Plastic Minimalism" are all terms that get bandied about when talking about the work of Fred Eversley, occasionally as a derogative. But this exhibit at the William Turner Gallery gives us another chance to assess these slick polyester resin works. What is the premise of Eversley's style?

First, it it is an expression of meticulous craftsmanship in designing simple forms. Reflective and slick, they sometimes deceive your eyes into misperceptions of the piece's actual curvature. Is it convex, concave, or level? Perception of form depends upon how the light plays upon the surface.

Second, the reflections and refractions create a dynamic play of light through the structure of these minimalist sculptures. The work itself is but a vehicle through which the viewer distinguishes myriad visions of space and motion. Eversley doesn't capture the kinetic experience in his works, but assists the viewer in realizing the kinesis that exists at every moment all around them.

Peer through these plastic mediums and you will experience an exhilarating aesthetic reflection of your present situation.

Eversley, cast polyester resin, 19.5 inches in diameter

Eversley's work is all about the experience of viewing. The "artistic ego" or "conceptual statement" is not of importance. Each viewer, each environment, each variation in frame of orientation creates a novel visual sensation. These works are masterpieces of indeterminacy.

Have you ever peered into a translucent gem, an emerald or ruby? Among the inclusions of the stone, the silk and gardens, the world appears colored and distorted. That's the sense that I get from these works, except that Eversley designs this enchanting experience. The colors, shapes, and depths are precise tools with which to view anew the world around us.

Gallery view of the Eversley exhibit at the William Turner Gallery

Here are a few photos that I took to capture the beautiful distortions of these works.

A rainbow slick of colors and inverted images

A view of the William Turner Gallery through Eversley's polyester resin

If you want to see more images of these works, check out Tracey's photos over at the LA Art Diary.

Here's a vid that nicely showcase various pieces from a 2009 exhibit. Good stuff!!!


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