Friday, October 14, 2011

Pine Wind Garden

Pine Wind Garden: Three Level Waterfall

Size is not the determinant of quality. It's all about how skillfully you utilize that which you have. This is true for most aspects of life, but it is equally as important for laying out a garden.

The Pine Wind Garden (Sho Fu En) of the Torrance Civic Center is a prime example of how a small space can be transformed into a place of beauty. Designed by Takeo Uesugi & Associates in 1991, this small Japanese garden transforms a modest courtyard into a peaceful oasis of contemplation. Through creative techniques of delineating space, such as elevation contrasts or using a screen of trees to create a sense of seclusion, the garden feels as though it is much larger than it actually is.

Pine Wind Garden: Gateway

It always pleases me to find these little garden gems that are scattered across Los Angeles.

Here are a few more photos:

Pine Wind Garden: Koi

Pine Wind Garden: A screen of trees

Pine Wind Garden: Koi pond

Here's a vid of the Pine Tree Garden:


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