Thursday, October 6, 2011

We Are All Made of Stars

Memory Gospel by Moby

Kopeikin Gallery is currently showing "Destroyed," an exhibit of photography by the electronica musician, Moby. I'm usually hesitant to view art produced by celebrities, but Moby has always struck me as having an engaging and comprehensive aesthetic foundation. Moreover, the premise of the work, a study of the dynamic expressiveness of crowds at a concert, stuck me as an interesting concept. It's the type of photography that really can only be done by a popular musician like Moby.

So I went to check it out. At first, I just walked around the gallery casually observing the images, seeing if anything jumped out at me. Eh, it was certainly a fun set of photos but nothing really packed a punch. Then, I did the deeper examination, scrutinizing each piece for composition, color, and distinctness. Hmm, it was impressive documentation with a good eye for image crafting, but it still didn't "wow" me. Then I did another gallery stroll but with my improved familiarity of the photos. Now, the unique energy of each shot shouted out at me.

Detail of Sunspot by Moby

The images have a strong tension between the Universalized and the Individualized. Yes, each photograph depicts a crowd, but each crowd has its own unique expressive vibe. And each crowd is composed of discrete individuals reacting to the specific focus of the camera. Yet, the individuality of the person is overwhelmed by the group identity and energy of the crowd. The particular becomes accumulated into an aggregate composite identity.

I found this exhibit to be extremely uplifting. The exhilaration of the crowd and the thrill of the individuals are eloquently expressed in Moby's photography.

Detail of Broken Places / Flowers by Moby

This is definitely a show that you'll want to see in person. The gallery at the Kopeikin website is a nice way to become familiar with the pieces, but it's a poor substitute for a direct viewing. The rich details and colors just don't come through in the reduced scale and resolution.

Moby's "Destroyed" will be on exhibit at the Kopeikin Gallery until October 22, 2011.

And we can't do a post about Moby without playing some vids. ;-)


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